List of Animals in Portuguese from A to Z

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Long-Eared Owl with Yellow Eyes

Long-Eared Owl with Yellow Eyes by Daniel Daley.

The name of animals in Portuguese may not sound like the most exciting vocabulary to study for many of our advanced readers, unless you’re a zoologist working abroad of course. But if you keep in mind that many Portuguese idioms are made with the use of animals in it, perhaps, that will give you the extra motivation to get trough this list.

English Portuguese
Eagle Águia
Albatross Albatroz
Moose Alce
Antelope Antílope
Macaw Arara
Ostrich Avestruz
Baboon Babuíno
Cod Bacalhau
Whale Baleia
Humpback Whale Baleia Jubarte
Cockroach Barata
Barracuda Barracuda
Hummingbird Beija-flor
Beetle Besouro
Bison Bisão
Butterfly Borboleta
Buffalo Búfalo
Donkey Burro
Goat Cabra
Dog Cachorro
Chameleon Camaleão
Prawn Camarão
Camel Camelo
Kangaroo Canguru
Capybara Capivara
Crab Caranguejo
Beaver Castor
Horse Cavalo
Seahorse Cavalo Marinho
Stork Cegonha
Centipede Centopéia
Chimpanzee Chimpanzé
Chinchilla Chinchila
Swan Cisne
Koala Coala
Snake Cobra
Rabbit Coelho
Coyote Coiote
Owl Coruja
Crow Corvo
Crocodile Crocodilo
Elephant Elefante
Elephant Seal Elefante Marinho
Scorpion Escorpião
Squirrel Esquilo
Star Fish Estrela do Mar
Falcon Falcão
Flamingo Flamingo
Seal Foca
Ant Formiga
Ferret Furão
Grasshopper Gafanhoto
Chicken Galinha
Opossum Gambá
Goose Ganso
Cat Gato
Giraffe Girafa
Dolphin Golfinho
Gorilla Gorila
Hyena Hiena
Iguana Iguana
Alligator Jacaré
Anaconda Jibóia
Ladybird Joaninha
Caterpillar Lagarta
Gecko Lagartixa
Lobster Lagosta
Lion Leão
Hare Lebre
Leopard Leopardo
Dragonfly Libélula
Flounder Linguado
Wolf Lobo
Otter Lontra
Cuttlefish Lula
Monkey Macaco
Bat Morcego
Fly Mosca
Orangutan Orangotango
Killer Whale Orca
Oyster Ostra
Sheep Ovelha
Panda Panda
Panther Pantera
Parrot Papagaio
Bird Pássaro
Duck Pato
Peacock Pavão
Fish Peixe
Penguin Penguin
Turkey Peru
Octopus Polvo
Pig Porco
Guinea Pig Porquinho da Índia
Cougar Puma
Hamster Ramister
Fox Raposa
Rat Rato
Rhinoceros Rinoceronte
Salmon Salmão
Frog Sapo
Turtle Tartaruga
Armadillo Tatu
Badger Texugo
Tiger Tigre
Bull Touro
Shark Tubarão
Toucan Tucano
Polar Bear Urso Polar
Cow Vaca
Firefly Vagalume
Deer Veado
Zebra Zebra

If you haven’t found the animal you are looking for in the list above, don’t despair, it’s simply because I’ve listed only the most popular animals I could remember from the top of my head. If you think I’ve missed one, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to include it in the list.


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